Monday, April 6, 2009

Life's Set Backs

Hello all fellow bloggers....Have not been around much lately..I was so gun ho about my
fitness and workout plan..Thins going great..and smacks ya in face..I jacked my
knee up...The 5 miles a day brought out a problem I did not know I had..I have almost
bone on bone in my knee and a bone spur on knee cap..They are treating with shot and
therapy now..I am back up to a mile a mile and half a day..but when I go to bed the pain
stops me from sleeping..So have been run down..but will keep trying..Life goes on..Hope
all is well with all of you..And congrads on new grandbaby Dave my best to you and Erica..
And least the sun is starting to shine more..One plus..Have a wonderful day all


  1. Yuck about the knee princess. Can it be repaired without replacement?

    I'm ok now, touch of depression and doom and gloom but I think now that life will go on and the world won't end. Got to stop thinking I'm that necessary to the world turning.

    Thanks for the congrats, baby will happen. Im still not good with them having one right now but it wasn't my decision.