Tuesday, March 24, 2009


LIFE is not the way it's suppose to be it's the way it is.. The way you cope with it is what makes
the difference.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Life Goes On With or Without Ya.

Hello all....Well the weather has finally turned nice..about time..I have been going through
a crisis of own her..So I have become unmotivated here..Only been to gym twice this pass
week but have pulled myself up and realized life goes on..I ended a relationship that as comfortable
as it was was not gonna last...And at my age I am too old to get married and divorced again..
I should tell the movie stars that..LOL...Well I have had my four or five days of self pity and
the boo hoo...So am back to tackle what is ahead...Off for my walk on this beautiful day..
"Action is the antidote to despair" Have a great day all...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing with Whales0

What a glorious day...Only 60 but it was perfect walking weather..Decided to skip the gym and do
my walk outside...Wind blowing, music good, everyone out enjoying the weather was a very nice
walk..I pushed myself to walk as fast as I could..And I only did 3 miles but must be true you use
more energy walking outside then on the treadmill..because I felt like I had worked out way longer
then I actually did..I am feeling a little down and do not know what to do..I want to lose 30 lbs..
but it seems I am stuck..I have been logging all my food..eating more and more natural and fresh fruits and veggies..cut my sodium intake way down..More water more exercise..No less then a hour a day..sometimes two..and nothing..I have not lost a pound in a week in a half..I limit my calories
to 1,550 a day which is average for a woman my age...So if anyone has any hints..drop them please..I could use them..I am even mixing my workouts up..I am doing weights at gym and walking and a carido class a week..what the heck...LOL..But so far have not given up or giving in
to frustration....Have a wedding to go to end of May and I sure would like to be at least 20 lbs.
lighter..Have more energy..But my scale...who's name is Dancing with whales is not moving a inch..I would be happy for half a pound...
Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and lets hope it stays this way..

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Rain Rain go away..come back some other day...I am so glad it is not snow...but we have had rain
since last Saturday..The rivers are swollen and about to over flow..I love walking in the rain as long as it is not a down pour...But a little chilly for rain walks yet..Sunday I went to the gym and as I was walking on the tread mill I looked up and out the window and there was a terrible down pour going on..So I keep on walking...almost done with 5 miles and hope it stops before I am done..I am walking out the door and what to my surprise is a very flooded parking lot..The sewers could not keep up with how fast it came down...A crowd of people looking at their cars..water up to the bottom of our doors..Now mind you I drive A VW bug..so anymore and I would of had a flooded car...Well I just bought a pair of $90.00 dollars walking shoes and there was no way I was gonna get them that wet..So with my fellow gym rats laughing at me..I took off shoes and walked to my car...Let me tell you...that water was so cold..socks or no socks..lol...So I am making my way to the car..and but of course I steppped down into the sewer grate...so now I am knee deep in water..LOL
Well friends made it to my car..but had to squeeze water out of pants..and take socks off before I could get in car..But as I drive off I see many others had followed my foot steps..What a funny
site we must of all made..
I too am trying to lose weight but am a little more fluffy then Dave..Talked to a trainer at gym and he suggested..Break up my sets..Instead of performing 2 or 3 sets of single exercise before moving to the next one, do a circuit..Complete just 1 set of 6 exercises with 2 minutes of rest in
between..Or circuit training (moving through a series of 6 exercises 3 times, with 30 seconds of rest in between) circuit training burns more that twice as many calories post workouts at the standard style lifters..I am told because your heart rate stays elevated longer after circuit training..you continue burning fat as though your were still exercising...So he help me set up a
a circuit training course fit for me..


1. Work out with music ...can help you go up to 20% longer to burn more calories..A study from West London University..Music blocks fatigue, produces feelings of vigor and helps you keep pace by synchronizing your movements.

2. Take It outside...( I would if rain would stop) Research finds that exercisers burn 10% more calories when they walk or run outdoors that on tread mill at the same speed.. You use more
energy to propel yourself over the ground and pushing a little against wind and other elements
burns more calories too..

3. Move more all day..You can burn up to 350 extra calories daily enough to shed more than 35
pounds this year-simply by pacing while you talk on the phone getting up to to talk to someone, rather then e mailing a few times a day and walking rather then driving for short errands..

Now if I want subway..I tell myself ok if you walk to store and back you may have it...2 miles round trip..So out for lunch eat there and walk home...etc..little things like that add up ..

Hope your week is going wonderful...And you have nicer weather than I do..Stay fit..and remember keep that tunnel vision...


Friday, March 6, 2009


TUNNEL VISION.....ONE TRACK MIND....Now some say these are bad traits to have..But with
me trying to acquire a healthy life style...I would say these are two traits that just might help me get to where I want to be..I have but one thing on my mind. That is to get healthy. I have but one objective--to win--! To win a longer and healthier life..
A life not filled with pills because of a unhealthy life style...A active life style..
I want TUNNEL VISION...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS..So I must remain disciplined in my work outs and stay strong when I get unmotivated..No one can help me I must help myself..
I have to Believe in myself..

Now on a brighter note..Weather has took a turn for the better..58 today...60 by tomorrow..Tracked a new walking path for 3 and 4 miles Sun is shining...That alone
motivates me...If no rain..I will take my grandsons tomorrow to fly kites..I figure
chasing those two and kites should burn a few calories..LOL So cross your fingers
for me everyone..NO RAIN...A trip to park sounds like a plan too..They have cabin
fever also..

Am sure John and Dave will be happy with warmer weather...Especially John seeing
as he is not a treadmill fan..I have Ipod filled with a bunch of new country tunes..
Fast paced to keep me bopping along..LOL..

I have also signed up for a Monday night yoga class at my gym...This should be
interesting..LOL..Got to keep in interesting..

So hope everyone's week end is filled with sunshine..warm breezes..and good walks or runs..


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Reality Check

I can not get the latest post out of my mind...My morality is at stake here...I have had a yo-yo life with fitness..As I have said before I worked out to make myself attractive to others..In my younger years fitness had nothing to do with health..It was all about been slim....Hours of workouts but that went along with diet pills, starving myself, water pills and u name it..Probably less then a thousand calories a day...Years of abuse to my body...weight up down..Now in these years of my life yes I want to be mean and lean but I want health more..I want years added to my life to share with my family more time to spend with my grandchildren watch them grow and start lives of their own..So I will look at each bead of sweat as a step towards a healthier me...A better mother.. A better grandmother...Me BETTERTHENEVER....With all
our modern things we have today we move less and less..No more walking across a room to change a TV..cordless phones or cells by our sides not a inch do we move to answer the phone..Drive thru pick up fast unhealthy food or milk drive thru handed to you...Your prescriptions or family photos drive by and get them..your banking don't have to leave your car..bank cards pay for gas at pumps..Kids play outside less and set in front of tv or video games...The list goes on and on...It is so easy to put weight on...so hard to take it off...Look around any store you are at there are more overweight people then ever..Encourage all your love ones now is the time to get healthy like Dave says the sooner the better..

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hello fellow walkers...I have to tell you about my weird experience...As you know it is very cold here in Ohio..Well yesterday I woke up early and my electric blanket was so nice and cozy...I got my lap top and crawled back in bed..Was playing cards and be lazy..and the Panda Endurance site pops up..ok x it out..pops up again..x it out again.
and the computer goes nuts..pops up like 15 times..the more I x it the more it came up.
LOL I figured Dave was trying to tell me to get up and not let the cold stop me... ok ok I got out of bed and did my workout....and screen has not popped up since..Have a wonderful day all