Saturday, February 28, 2009

I Got My Game On

Afternoon all...Well I had a wonderful workout this morning....Got up at 6 made myself a health
breakfast and headed out the door to the gym...Freezing cold 19 degrees...brrrrrr why am I drive to gym...LOL... thought same thing as I got out of warm car and headed to the door..But once I
started walk...all got better...I did a little longer warm up as suggested by our Panda leader..and
shins do not hurt that is one plus...I put on the Ipod...and went to town...Did a hour at
3.0 to start my training for the 3 day walk....time flew today...which I am very thankful for..then
I headed over to the weight machines and did lower and upper body exercises and went back for another 15 minutes on all in all spent an hour and 45 minutes at the gym..and felt so
alive when I left...Went to my tanning and errands...the as also suggested by Dave came home
and started making my low cal..meals for the week...and for lunch at work..Plan on doing another
hour on ski machine...and baby too busy today to eat...much or worry about over eating...but am still tracking calories and have lost 5 lbs already...patting self on back...
Hope every one is in good spirits today and is having a great day as I am...Remember the more
you plan the smoother you diet and exercise program will go...

Monday, February 23, 2009

Been awhile since I posted...It just seems like there are never enough hours in the day..with work, the grandkids, working out, and regular day to day stuff...But I am giving it my best shot...I know we all have our reason for wanting to be healthy and fit...But as a grandmother I can not tell you the joy my children bring to me...And the more physically I am involved the better I feel about myself..
It is so true the little things mean a lot..The joy when you walk in a crowded day care and your
grandsons spot you and run and throw themselves into your arms with a I love you...Unconditional feel like you could walk on water..I want to be around for many many years to enjoy this..and I DO NOT want to be a grandmother who sets on the side lines...I want to be right in there
playing baseball, bowling, hiking,sled ridding, you name it...I don't want to be to tired to stop and
take the time to make a snowman...or have a snowball fight..And If you make yourself physical you will have all the energy you need...So by taking time for yourself you are making a better you for you family and loved ones to enjoy...I am working on putting a photo ablum on my blog page hope you will look at those little faces and know what I mean

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's week end

Hello friends...Been awhile since I posted...But I am putting my workout before all else..I have been mixing up my workout....I do 5 miles on treadmill and next day 1 mile and weight training...Some
day if I get up late and no time to run to gym..I get out my walking tapes and do 2-3 miles...Or I have a ski machine and I will get on it...and do some arm weights at home..But the thing is I am
doing something everyday..With Valentines day upon us....I am making a healthy heart my Valentine's gift to me....Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentine week end and spend it with
someone you love...

Monday, February 9, 2009


I am flying so high right now...I just returned from a work out at the gym..I am so exuberant..
My hips hurt...My dog are barking and my muscles are saying "What the heck lady"....but once
again I feel alive..Sore muscles will go away..Dogs were calm down and a Advil or two and hips
will be fine..After month of not working out to make someone else happy and gaining 30 lbs..Yes
I am ashamed to say 30 lbs....I feel like me...I won't say I enjoy working out..what I enjoy is the
sense of well being and accomplishment that I did something for me..Not for anyone else but
little old me...Scratch the little part till extra weight comes back off..LOL...About a year ago I had
a love one turn away from me...He had his reason and still remains a friend...but when he did
I threw myself into making myself the best me I could be..Part because I felt not good enough
for him..Now I see it has to be for me...Not anyone but me...And others will benefit from my sense of wellness..And another came along..And I stopped going to gym to please him...DO WE SEE A PATTERN HERE...Now I do..2009 is gonna be the year I put me the list first...I will
shed the 30 lbs for me...No one else...Me...I signed up to the breast cancer 3 day walk...I need
a few achievement of my own..And hope someday to do a walk/race with all of the Panda
endurance site....First I grow strong and healthy again...And like I said yesterday law of
attraction..I know I will be strong and healthy...It is mine for the taking!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Today a dear and true friend shed a little light on a personnel problem I have been having.
He made me realize I should never settle for less then what I want..I am going to start to
practice the theory of law of attraction..."Everything that is coming into your life you are
attracting into your life. And it is attracted to you by virtue of the images of you're holding
in your mind.It's what your thinking. Whatever is going on in your mind you are attracting
to you..By settle for less because of my fears of being alone..and more..I am short changing
myself..No more..It is the law of attraction that determines the complete order in the Universe every moment of your life and every single thing you experience in your life..It doesn't matter who you are or where you are the law of attraction is forming your entire life experience. You're
calling the shots and do so through your thoughts..But action in my book has a part too.
No long will I pass up my chance at a healthier life and body because my partner will not go
to gym with me..Or share my love of walking..and nature...Life is too short to let it pass by..
And as a wonderful friend reminded me "Life is a adventure live it to it"s fullest every day.