Friday, March 6, 2009


TUNNEL VISION.....ONE TRACK MIND....Now some say these are bad traits to have..But with
me trying to acquire a healthy life style...I would say these are two traits that just might help me get to where I want to be..I have but one thing on my mind. That is to get healthy. I have but one objective--to win--! To win a longer and healthier life..
A life not filled with pills because of a unhealthy life style...A active life style..
I want TUNNEL VISION...NOTHING ELSE MATTERS..So I must remain disciplined in my work outs and stay strong when I get unmotivated..No one can help me I must help myself..
I have to Believe in myself..

Now on a brighter note..Weather has took a turn for the better..58 today...60 by tomorrow..Tracked a new walking path for 3 and 4 miles Sun is shining...That alone
motivates me...If no rain..I will take my grandsons tomorrow to fly kites..I figure
chasing those two and kites should burn a few calories..LOL So cross your fingers
for me everyone..NO RAIN...A trip to park sounds like a plan too..They have cabin
fever also..

Am sure John and Dave will be happy with warmer weather...Especially John seeing
as he is not a treadmill fan..I have Ipod filled with a bunch of new country tunes..
Fast paced to keep me bopping along..LOL..

I have also signed up for a Monday night yoga class at my gym...This should be
interesting..LOL..Got to keep in interesting..

So hope everyone's week end is filled with sunshine..warm breezes..and good walks or runs..


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