Monday, March 16, 2009

Dancing with Whales0

What a glorious day...Only 60 but it was perfect walking weather..Decided to skip the gym and do
my walk outside...Wind blowing, music good, everyone out enjoying the weather was a very nice
walk..I pushed myself to walk as fast as I could..And I only did 3 miles but must be true you use
more energy walking outside then on the treadmill..because I felt like I had worked out way longer
then I actually did..I am feeling a little down and do not know what to do..I want to lose 30 lbs..
but it seems I am stuck..I have been logging all my food..eating more and more natural and fresh fruits and veggies..cut my sodium intake way down..More water more exercise..No less then a hour a day..sometimes two..and nothing..I have not lost a pound in a week in a half..I limit my calories
to 1,550 a day which is average for a woman my age...So if anyone has any hints..drop them please..I could use them..I am even mixing my workouts up..I am doing weights at gym and walking and a carido class a week..what the heck...LOL..But so far have not given up or giving in
to frustration....Have a wedding to go to end of May and I sure would like to be at least 20 lbs.
lighter..Have more energy..But my scale...who's name is Dancing with whales is not moving a inch..I would be happy for half a pound...
Hope everyone is enjoying the nice weather and lets hope it stays this way..

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